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Wisconsin wrestling team has brotherly love

MADISON – It’s not a unique thing to hear about a set of brothers on a wrestling team. But Wisconsin wrestling has triple that – Jared and Drew Scharenbrock, Evan and Zander Wick and Jens and Anders Lantz.

“Yeah I think [3 sets of brothers is] unique,” said freshman wrestler Drew Scharenbrock.  “I don’t know how many other teams have that in D-1 wrestling.”

“[Jens and I] live together,” said redshirt freshman wrestler Anders Lantz. “So every night we just come home after practice, cook a meal, and we basically do everything together.”

As a redshirt senior, Jared Scharenbrock has spent most of his time as a Badger without his brother, Drew, a freshman.  But he says the change has been positive.

“[Having Drew here] makes it more of like a family thing,” said Jared. “Which is what I guess you’re always looking for in a team.”

The Scharenbrock and the Lantz brothers are each separated by a few years, so they don’t have much experience being a part of the same team. But the Wicks are twins, so they’ve always wrestled together.

“We moved from California all the way over here,” said redshirt sophomore wrestler Evan Wick. “And I think if I didn’t have him, it would have been a struggle, you know, transitioning.”

That’s why the Wicks only looked at colleges that wanted to actively recruit both of them.

“[Evan’s] like my best partner and like my best coach,” said redshirt sophomore Zander Wick. “Because I know as a partner he’s trying to get better. But also, because he’s my brother, he’s always trying to bring me up with him. ‘We’re doing this together. We got to get through this’.”

You can see some of the brothers in action, this Sunday as the Badgers host Iowa at the UW Field House.

Amy Gill

Sports Anchor/Reporter, 27 News.

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