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Police: Two ‘masterminds’ fail to steal ATM from Madison gas station

MADISON (WKOW) — Police are looking for two people after security camera footage showed them attempting to steal an ATM from a Madison gas station Friday morning.

The video shows a van pull up to the BP station at 4325 Mohawk Dr., according to an incident report from the Madison Police Department.

One man, police said, got out of the van and broke a hole in a door to the station. He reached inside and unlocked the door.

He wrapped a large chain around an ATM and signaled a co-conspirator in the van, police said.

The van pulled forward, but the poorly-secured chain did not pull the ATM out of the store. “However, the masterminds did succeed in pulling the door out of its frame,” police said.

The report estimated the damage to the station to be “thousands of dollars.”

Police responded to an alarm at the gas station at 4:19 a.m., but the two people had fled by the time police arrived, police said.


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