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Quick-thinking teen saves man’s life

MERRILL (WKOW) — A Wisconsin teenager is being recognized for his quick thinking that may have saved a man’s life.

Late last month, Lonnie Strauss was clearing snow from a satellite dish at a radio station in Merrill, but fell and became trapped in the snow.

He says he was stuck there for about an hour and a half, calling for help, as the wind chill hit 4 below.

13-year-old Michael Dickman walked by on his way to school.

Dickman saw Strauss and went into the radio station to call 911.

“I was very thankful for this young man. It gives me a whole different appreciation,” says Strauss.

“We shouldn’t be afraid to help others no matter who they are,” says Dickman.

Strauss was taken to the hospital with hypothermia and frostbite.

The Merrill Police Department recognized Dickman with a Citizens Public Service award.


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