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Middleton company honors first responders after shooting

MIDDLETON (WKOW) — It’s been nearly six months since four people were injured during a shooting at software company Paradigm.

Friday, company executives and employees honored nearly 200 first responders and other public safety officials who rushed to help them that day.

The company presented them with wooden boxes containing bits of broken glass inside. The glass came from the building’s broken windows and doors.

Executives told rescuers, they walked over broken glass so employees would walk to safety.

The company says it is still working to remodel the area of the building where police confronted the shooter, fatally shooting him. Counselors are also now available to employees.

“We actually have two different therapists that come in office on a regular basis. We have meditation. We have done group trauma sessions, and we have brought in different speakers that highlight the different aspects of trauma,” said Aubree Martin, Paradigm’s Senior HR Manager.



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