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Community brunch highlights impact of Alzheimer’s disease

FITCHBURG (WKOW) — A community brunch is raising awareness of the impact of Alzheimer’s disease in African Americans.

There were nearly 200 people at the Solomon Carter Fuller Brain Health Brunch on Saturday in Fitchburg.

The event is named after Solomon Carter Fuller, who worked with Dr. Alzheimer, who first identified the disease.

Speakers highlighted how different communities are affected by Alzheimer’s.

“Alzheimer’s is twice as likely in the population of people who are African American. And that isn’t well known. It’s not well-known in the African American community. It’s not talked about as often as it should be. So we use this event to get the word out,” said Jennifer Bauer, executive director of the Alzheimer’s & Dementia Alliance of Wisconsin.

Health officials also offered memory screenings for people with potential for cognitive impairment.

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