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Madison street crews apply more material each year

MADISON (WKOW) — We’re in the middle of pothole season here in Wisconsin. We began our pothole segment last week in Madison and today we checked back in with streets crews. We found that they’ve already used around 200 tons of material since the beginning of the year to fill in those bumps in the road.

Spokesman Bryan Johnson says they’ve been gradually increasing the asphalt applied to roads each year. However, Johnson says that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re more potholes, just a longer period of time of snow free-roads.

“Comparing them year to year and more about opportunities that we have to fill them and less about how bad things are even though we know we’ve certainly seen a lot of potholes we’ve had plenty of complaints that have come in,” said Johnson.

Johnson adds that they appreciate when they get calls or tips about pothole locations. Crews can’t keep up with the location of all spots potholes are located.

Matthew Cash

Senior Executive Producer

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