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Business owner vows to rebuild after truck crashes into two buildings

NECEDAH (WKOW) — After a truck barreled through a nearby funeral home and landed in front of a Polish grocery store in Necedah, a woman who was working inside says she’s just thankful she’s alive.

“Oh yes,” said Zofia Puszynski, the owner of JB Deli in Necedah, as she smiled when counting her blessings.

The Juneau County business was the scene of a crash on Thursday morning after authorities said a driver suffered a medical condition, lost control of his truck and rammed into a funeral home and the deli.

“It was very noisy,” Puszynski explained as she remembered the sound the crash made. “And I started running right away to the other door in the back of the store.”

When she walked out, she saw a truck partially on top of another car in front of her store. Puszynski said the truck left a path of destruction with bricks, poles, wood and other debris everywhere.

“Nobody thinks that things like this can happen,” she said.

The damage to the Necedah Family Funeral Home was the worst. The brick exterior wall was blown out along with the front windows. Puszynski said nobody was inside the funeral home at the time because it was closed.

She doesn’t know how much repairs will cost to her outdoor patio area that was ruined, but she’s thankful nobody was hit.

“We can build this again,” Puszynski said smiling. “But if he killed somebody, it would be much, much different.”

A mixture of glass, brick, wood and other rubble from the accident sits in the back of a construction truck. A blue tarp covers the gaping hole left in the funeral home. Puszynski said if it wasn’t for the community’s help, she would not have been able to open her store on Friday.

“A lot of people called me and said we can help you, or do you need help? I was surprised of this,” Puszynski said.

There was no word on the condition of the driver on Friday.

Puszynski said she hopes insurance will cover the costs. The inside of her store was not damaged.

Hunter Sáenz

Reporter, WKOW

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