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Farmers return after delivering donations to flooded communities in Nebraska

PRAIRIE DU SAC (WKOW) — A Sauk County farmer is back from a trip to Nebraska to help people dealing with devastating flooding.

Joe Keller collected two semi loads full of donations for farmers and families, dropped off by people from all over our area.

“The response was unbelievable, just wonderful. People from one, two hours away collecting and bringing stuff,” he told 27 News.

The Prairie du Sac farmer and about a dozen others left Wednesday to deliver that help. They got back late Saturday.

Keller says they were able to give one farmer near Omaha $3,500 to help cover big losses.

“Talked extensively with one farm that had been hit very hard. Lost about a dozen buildings and grain bins and  a feed lot and they’re just in total disarray right now,” he said.

Officials estimate agricultural damage in Nebraska at more than $1 billion.

Keller said touring the flood-damaged areas revealed piles of brush, farm debris and other garbage everywhere. Farmers are dealing with cleaning up rather than preparing their equipment for the spring planting season.

The group collected hay, fencing and feed for farmers, plus personal items and cleaning supplies for other people.

They weren’t the only generous Badgers who showed up to help.

“The first distribution center we delivered some hay to, they had a Wisconsin flag pinned up upon roof of the shed,” Keller said.

He’s grateful for the outpouring of help from people all over southern Wisconsin.

If you’re still looking to donate, Keller says you should do some research first. The initial needs for certain items may be filled now, so it’s best to check in with relief organizations in the area before sending anything to Nebraska.

Jennifer Kliese

Weekend Anchor and Reporter, 27 News

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