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Woman faces another challenge as she moves on from apartment fire

WAUNAKEE (WKOW) — As displaced residents continue to recover after an apartment fire in Waunakee, one resident is wondering how she’ll move on. And it’s not the first time she’s experienced a housing challenge.

“It’s a miracle my apartment didn’t catch on fire because I’m right next door to her,” said Sharon Jackson, who lived just down the hall from an apartment that went up in flames Monday.

Flames never touched Jackson’s apartment, but soot from the smoke can be seen in her kitchen.

“Smoke [was] everywhere! Coming out of my microwave, my cabinets, everywhere,” Jackson said.

She managed to escape her apartment building but she was rushed to the hospital for carbon monoxide poisoning.

“Next thing I know — woo, woo, woo,” she said as she made the sounds of an ambulance. “You know, how they put on the fast lights to get you there.”

After she was discharged on Tuesday, she checked into a hotel with help from the Red Cross. She said they gave her enough money to pay for a couple nights.

Jackson doesn’t have much — just her cat, Cutie, the clothes on her back and the outfit she managed to pack up when she got back in her apartment.

“Yeah, everything is pretty smokey,” she said as she smelled the clothes in her suitcase.

In her apartment, Jackson said her couch is ruined as it, her clothes and living room smell like smoke. Soot can be seen coming from her kitchen cabinets. Fans are blowing nonstop in an effort to remove the stench.

“I’m not on the streets yet, but it’s going to be hard,” said Jackson.

She’s been on the streets before. You may remember, 27 News first brought you Jackson’s story in August of 2017 when she was facing homelessness for a second time when Porchlight, an organization that offers housing and services to the homeless, was facing a financial crisis.

Jackson managed to get back on her feet, finding an affordable home at Village Glen apartments in Waunakee, until Monday night.

“I’m just terribly sad,” she said. “Just to have to go through this all over again,” she said as she wiped away tears. “You know, it’s just too much.”

Although she’s not sure how she’ll recover, she tries to keep her spirits high.

“I believe in God,” she said. “I believe everything happens for a reason and he’s my only strength I got is God.”

It’s another setback for a woman who has survived so much.

“It’s just another challenge that I have to face, so I’m just going to face it. But I’m very thankful to be alive,” said Jackson.

27 News reached out to the management office at Village Glen, but have not heard back from them.

Hunter Sáenz

Reporter, WKOW

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