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Wood Co. parents facing charges after death of newborn child

MARSHFIELD (WAOW) — A pair of Wood County parents are behind bars and awaiting charges after the death of their newborn child.

According to a press release from the Wood County Sheriff’s Department, the incident occurred on April 6 at 10:11 a.m. when Wood County Sheriffs were notified by Marshfield Medical Center officials of a possible missing newborn.

Officials spotted a vehicle in the Marshfield Medical Center parking lot that had been operated by the child’s father, 19-year-old Allen Rice. Inside the back of the vehicle, the release said, was a newborn child “wrapped inside a tied plastic garbage bag.”

Per the release, the child had been left in those conditions for “approximately three hours” before being found. The newborn was rushed to Marshfield Medical Center, where officials were able to temporarily revive him; however, the child eventually died as a result of his injuries.

An investigation revealed that the child’s mother, 22-year-old Marylinn Feher, gave birth to the child that morning at a private residence in the Village of Milladore, the release said. It adds that the newborn was not taken to a medical facility for treatment of his injuries.

Both parents were taken into custody on charges of child neglect causing death, per the release. A homicide charge will also be requested against the child’s mother, the release said.


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