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Sheriff: Suspect in shooting of family dogs in Blue Mounds

BLUE MOUNDS (WKOW) — Dane County Sheriff’s officials say they have a suspect in November’s fatal shooting of a family dog, and the wounding of his companion in Blue Mounds.

“A hunter who was in the area at the time…is considered the primary suspect,”  Sheriff’s spokesperson Elise Schaffer tells 27 News.

Authorities say the dogs were shot as they roamed on or near their owner’s property off County Highway Z.

Five-year-old Luenberger-German Shepherd mix “Diesel” was killed; 8-month-old Great Pyrenees-German Shepherd mix “Mack” was wounded to the point an amputation of a leg was required.

Veterinarian Dr. Jean Elmer cared for both dogs and had treated “Diesel” just three weeks before he was fatally shot.

“He was a lovely, sweet, gentle giant,” Elmer tells 27 News.

Elmer says the well-being of these pets should have been respected, even if they trespassed property.

“Dogs don’t know boundaries,” she says.  “If you have a problem with a neighbor’s dog, please call animal control, please call authorities, don’t kill the dog,”  Elmer says.  “It’s not fair.”

The shootings took place during Wisconsin’s gun-deer season, and Elmer says it’s hard to forget the younger dog’s whimpering in pain after being rushed to her clinic.

“I cringe at the thought of the next hunting season,” she says.  “Which pet is going to come in here? There’s no reason for it.”

Schaffer says the hunter from the November incident denies involvement in the shooting of the dogs.  Authorities continue to receive tips and other information and are comparing with evidence they’ve already collected.

27 News has yet to reach the suspect for comment.  We are not identifying him, as there’s been no arrest, citation or charge lodged at this time.

Tony Galli

Reporter, WKOW

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