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Flooding not going down on Crystal Lake in Columbia Co.

COLUMBIA COUNTY (WKOW) — Homes and trailers on Crystal Lake are still struggling to keep water at bay.

The people who live there have been dealing with flooding for more than a month and say it’s gotten worse in the past week.

“It made my childhood, it was something I looked forward to all the time to come up here,” Craig Recker, who lives along the lake, said.

Recker has lived on his family’s property at Crystal Lake Campground for decades, until now.

“The power, the water and the sewer has all been shut off; there’s no living,” Recker said.

The campground management has been able to put him and some of his neighbors in a temporary place.

But with 93 of their more than 300 lots under water, there’s only so much they could do.

“A lot of my neighbors, they’re displaced,” Recker said. “There’s no place for them to stay up here so they’re staying elsewhere with family or friends. Everybody is pulling together and trying to get through this.”

It was a similar picture on the other side of the lake at Schoepp’s Cottonwood Resort.

Owner Lynda Schoepp says 15 homes are flooded.

Earlier in the week they tried to use clay and sandbags to build a barrier to keep some of the water out.

Schoepp says the wind and rain from the past few days broke down much of the sandbag wall they had made.

That’s why they’re hoping a meeting on Wednesday will bring some answers.

“There’s some state Representatives, hopefully we’ll have somebody from the Governor’s office and DNR,” Schoepp said. “I guess just looking to see if we can find a permanent solution to this.”

Recker agrees, he hopes the state will do something to keep the land around the lake the same way he enjoyed it as a kid.

“To lose that for all future generations, it’s pretty sad. I mean, we have to do something so future generations can enjoy this lake and Fish lake,” he said.

Both campgrounds are in the Town of West Point, which has been in a disaster declaration since March 15th, until flood waters recede.

The meeting next week will be at the Roxbury Town Hall on Wednesday, April 17th.

Francisco Almenara

Reporter, WKOW

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