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Sen. Johnson changes tone on border to “National Security Crisis”

MADISON (WKOW) — Senator Ron Johnson (D-WI) is no longer calling the situation on the southern border a “humanitarian crisis,” but instead a “national security crisis.” His change of tone comes after wrapping up a two-day border visit in El Paso, TX.

Johnson, who chairs the Senate Homeland Security Committee, visited a processing center that temporarily houses undocumented families caught crossing the border. He said his biggest concern is that border agents are overwhelmed.

We have to provide the resources, we have to have the facilities to maintain people in custody because if we don’t detain people, we don’t remove them,” said Johnson on CNN’s Inside Politics.

Johnson did weigh in on President Trump’s recent comments about sending detainees to sanctuary cities saying it’s an “interesting political point.”

Johnson is remaining confident there can be a bipartisan solution in Congress to address border security.

“The ball is clearly in Congress’s court,” said Johnson. “The administration simply can’t solve this problem on their own. The way you solve any problem is first you lay out the reality. You have to admit you have a problem.”


Emilee Fannon

Capital Bureau Chief

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