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Democratic lawmakers reintroduce marijuana legalization legislation

UPDATE — There’s another push to legalize marijuana in Wisconsin.

This is the fourth time Representative Melissa Sargent is trying to get this passed.

Representative Sargent and other supporters say this would not only bring money into the state, but they argue it would improve the lives of Wisconsinites in a wide array of different areas like giving them certain medical benefits or providing jobs.

A Marquette Law School Poll from last week shows a majority of voters in Wisconsin are for full legalization. However, there’s not much support from Republicans.

Assembly Speaker Robin Vos has voiced support for medical marijuana but not full legalization.

Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald opposes any form of legalization.

“I have spoken with many of my Republican colleagues about this and there is interest, they have questions about it,” Rep. Sargent said. “I’m not sure that we’re going to see bipartisan support on co-sponsorship, quite frankly because of the outspokenness of the leaders of those caucuses.”

In the City of Madison, casual and private possession of marijuana is not a criminal offense.

Police Chief Mike Koval said in a statement Thursday, he’s in support of the ordinances in place and in favor of medical marijuana.

However, he said setting up a licensing process for producing, distributing and selling recreational marijuana is for now, too far.

“The “Jury” is still out in states that have gone to the extent of regulating and taxing marijuana production,” Koval said. “We should tread cautiously and intentionally before taking this quantum step.”


Francisco Almenara

Reporter, WKOW

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