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Temporary bridges up in Pheasant Branch Creek Corridor after flooding

MIDDLETON (WKOW) — Five of the six bridges washed out by historic flooding in the Pheasant Branch Creek Corridor last summer can now be used again.

The new bridges were installed recently in Middleton.

Friends of the Pheasant Branch Conservancy say the bridges are only temporary, but the city is working to develop plans for full restoration.

“We’ve been telling everybody that 2019 is the year to develop the restoration plan to figure out how we want the creek to look,” said Lloyd Eagan, co-president of Friends of Pheasant Branch Conservancy. “Then in 2020 we would start to implement.”

There is still no bridge just east of Park Street. The city says that while the temporary bridges are usable, all trail users should be careful — especially during and after rain.


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