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New Madison school board members sworn in

MADISON (WKOW) — The Madison Metropolitan School District’s Board of Education welcomed its three new members Monday night. They are now part of the city’s first all-female school board.

Cris Carusi, Ananda Mirilli and Ali Muldrow were sworn in at the meeting at Chavez Elementary School.

In the wake of several recent alleged sexual assaults of students at school, board members put out a statement, showing their commitment to ending sexual violence at schools:

We are writing this statement united in our steadfast support of every person’s right to be safe at school.

We want you to know we hear students, teachers, and families as they come forward with strategies and solutions that exhibit the courage it takes to face the tragedy that has taken place in our school. We are here to serve, to empower our community to make change, and to uplift and strengthen education.

Sexual violence must be taken seriously, and we must do all that we can to ensure our schools are places that promote the safety and dignity of all people.

We would like to thank the young people who have come forward to share their ideas with us. Students have reached out to advocate for self-defense as Physical-Education, as well as youth-created murals in bathrooms and stairwells that celebrate consent, healthy relationships, and respectful boundaries. They have asked us to implement consent-based education and training for students and staff, and much more. We urge students to continue speaking up and advocating for schools that are healthy and evermore safe.

We will settle for nothing less than focused leadership, expertise, precision, profound compassion, and accuracy when comes to shaping the best possible outcomes for our young people. As Madison’s first school board made up entirely of women, we are committed to ushering our community into the future by working to end sexual violence in our schools. This responsibility is worthy of collective commitment to our students, teachers, and schools.

The action this moment demands requires that we be thoughtful and devoted to our community by daring to believe a better future is possible. We ask that you join us in building schools that embody the values of a safe, just, and welcoming community.

In solidarity, Madison Metropolitan Board of Education

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