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UPDATE: Extra police at Verona Area High School after large fights breakout

UPDATE (WKOW) — Three fights yesterday at Verona High School sparked continued conflict on social media, prompting out of school suspensions and increased police presence on campus Friday.

According to a letter sent to parents Thursday, students involved in the social media posts have been suspended.

Shortly before lunch Thursday two students had a conflict that escalated into a physical altercation, according to the letter from the district.

A “classroom hold” was issued as a precaution and Verona Police were called to assist in de-escalation.

About 30 minutes after the initial incident, peers of both students got involved, which resulted in two additional physical altercations — both related to the original conflict.

A second classroom hold was issued for these altercations.

Complicating matters significantly was that these incidents took place over the lunch hour and many students who were returning from lunch off campus were not permitted into the building. according to the district.

That second classroom hold lasted approximately 10 minutes.

Then, approximately 30 minutes after the second set of altercations, EMS was called to assist a student experiencing a medical issue that was not an injury resulting from either of the physical altercations.


UPDATE (WKOW) — There will be extra police at Verona Area High School on Monday after three large fights at the school Thursday afternoon.

Police arrested three juveniles as a result of the fights. All three juveniles will have charges filed against them after police finish their investigation.


VERONA (WKOW) — Police arrested three juveniles after they responded to three separate fights at Verona High School.

The Verona Police Department says officers were called to the school three times Thursday: 11:55 a.m., 12:55 p.m. and 2:46 p.m.

On the first call, police say a small group of people were fighting in the commons area of the school and a larger group surrounded them to watch and record the fight.

During the second call, officers were called to a report of a large fight in the hallway near the Performing Arts Center. Police say several juveniles were detained for fighting. After the fight, officers say several upset parents came to the school and “started yelling, threatening staff and creating a disturbance.”

During that disturbance, the Verona Police Department says one juvenile kicked the police school liaison officer.

One juvenile was taken to the hospital by his father after the second fight.

Later in the day, police were called back into the commons area after a third fight. Police say they encountered a “highly agitated group of juveniles.”

One girl was arrested after she punched a police officer.

Police arrested one boy who they believe was the primary aggressor in the fight. While officers were arresting this boy, police say another girl flipped over a table and was also taken into custody.

All three of the juveniles who were arrested were taken to the Juvenile Reception Center.

Fitch-Rona EMS helped one girl who was hurt while trying to break up the fight.

Investigators say a staff member had been battered during the fight and sought medical attention.

Police say charges are expected in each of these fights once the investigation is complete.


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