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Brother of man accused of pepper spraying deputy speaking out

MADISON (WKOW) — Wednesday morning, authorities in Sauk County arrested a man who they say pepper sprayed a Columbia County Deputy.

The man’s family said all of this could have been avoided.

Scott Martin says he had a great relationship with his brother Joshua, but recently that changed.

“He’s been my best friend my whole life, I talked to him every day on the phone,” Martin said.”Two weeks ago he suddenly wasn’t interested in talking to me anymore.”

Scott says it seemed like his younger brother became someone else. He was violent, aggressive and claimed to hear voices from God.

“That he’s supposed to be helping homeless people and also fight evil that no one else would fight,” Martin said.

He says they don’t know why these changes started.

He speculates the cause could be anything from work stress, a troubling new relationship, even a brain tumor.

How did it all culminate in Joshua allegedly pepper spraying a Columbia County Deputy, early Monday morning?

Scott said the last time he saw his brother was during a fight in Milwaukee on May 9th.

“My brother was attacking me and other family members and a homeless guy,” Martin said.

When officers got there, Scott pleaded with them to take his brother into mental health custody.

“I told them I was 100 percent sure that this was going to end with him killing himself or someone getting hurt,” he said.

According to a Milwaukee Police Spokesperson, per the dispatch notes “he was not suicidal nor homicidal” and officers “didn’t have grounds to detain him.”

Three days later he abandoned his car in near the Town of Dane in Dane County.

Then just after midnight, Monday morning, he was pulled over in Columbia County, driving a stolen car.

“This is not the Josh we know,” Scott said.

Authorities arrested Joshua Wednesday morning in Sauk County.

Scott says he’s happy that his brother is safe and now hopes he can get the help he needs.

“He is incredibly loved, and I just want him to hang in there,” Scott said. “We’ll get through this.”

Francisco Almenara

Reporter, WKOW

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