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Taliesin, Wisconsin: Home to a world-famous architect

(WKOW) — Located in the driftless region of southwestern Wisconsin near Spring Green, Taliesin is the name of Frank Lloyd Wright’s home, studio, school, and 800-acre estate. Just being on site transports you to a different time.

“You have a feeling of being in something different, some really inspiring building, well, that’s what I feel every day,” said Minerva Montooth a long-time resident at Taliesin and wife of Wright’s apprentice Charles Montooth.

She often reminisces about the days when Wright used Taliesin as not only a home, but a teaching tool for students.

“Mr. Wright believed in adding tired to tired! So, you kept going for the garden or the kitchen or the drafting room, whatever you were assigned to that week. So it was a very, very busy and exciting life,” she said.

Taliesin is where Frank Lloyd Wright drew most of his architectural inspiration. Eventually he shared that inspiration by building an architectural school on the premises.

“Mrs. Wright said, I don’t want to see a monument to you after you’re gone, I would like it to be a monument of people that will keep your ideas moving forward,” she said.

“And so, then she said she would like to have a school of architecture, and he said he’d always dreamed of that too! So, the two of them just put their dreams together and created a school.”

And while the site is often open for public tours, it remains a working classroom for aspiring Architects.

“Mr. Wright put himself into it, and he always said that the students had to improve themselves because you could never design something rarer than what you were. And so, they tried to improve themselves too, but he’s expressed in this marvelous, so many angles and aspects of this room, you’re just continually inspired by it!”

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