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City considers proposal to bring “flying solar pods” to Madison

MADISON (WKOW) — A company called Transit X wants to bring its flying solar pods to Madison.

On Monday night, members of the city’s Transportation Policy and Planning Board heard about the proposal from Transit X, as part of a presentation by city transportation planners.

The company describes its transportation system as “fully-automated microtransit with high-capacity podways and stops that provide fast and wait-free travel.”

Its rail system would have high-speed pods moving around on an elevated track. Each pod seats four to five people. The system runs on solar power.

Transit X says the project would be privately-financed.

City officials say it’s an interesting concept, but not one they’re ready to bring here just yet.

“On paper, I think their proposal looks good,” transportation planner Mike Cechvala told 27 News. “We’re excited to see how it progresses and if it moves forward. But with a small company with no history of building these systems, we’d just like to see how it progresses and see how it develops before we commit to it here.”

City traffic engineers say Transit X does not have any systems that are operational right now, but does have agreements to build in several places, like the Atlanta area.

For now, the city plans to move forward with bus rapid transit as it monitors developments with Transit X.

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