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MGE bands and names falcon chicks

MADISON (WKOW) — On Thursday, people in Madison got an up-close look at three peregrine falcon chicks.

The chicks hatched in May at the nesting box at Madison Gas and Electric’s Blount Generating Station.

The chicks were banded with identification numbers. The bands allow experts to track the falcons’ travels, mating habits and survival.

Falcons prefer power plants and other tall buildings as nesting sites.

“Last year we had 6 pairs out of the 36 who nested at historical cliffs, the rest were all dependent upon us,” said falcon expert Greg Septon. “As long as we provide for them, they’ll be a part of our world forever.”

This year’s chicks bring the total number hatched at Blount to 42 since 2009, when falcons first began nesting there.

The names of the chicks, are Lance, Goldy and Aster, which are inspired by wildflowers.


Emily Friese

27 News Producer

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