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Sun Prairie man pleads guilty in vandalism spree

UPDATE -- A Sun Prairie man charged in in connection with multiple instances of vandalism last May in Sun Prairie pleaded guilty Dec. 9 to three counts.

Riley Frentzel pleaded guilty to one count of criminal damage to property and two counts of graffiti.

Riley Frentzel

Frentzel was given three years of probation for each charge, running concurrently, with sentencing withheld.

Frentzel and Samuel R. Keuler, also of Sun Prairie, were arrested in connection with vandalism in May at the Sun Prairie Volunteer Fire Department training facility as well as damage done at two other locations in 2018.

The police investigation also found that Keuler and Frentzel were involved in two separate previously reported incidents where significant damage was done to property in 2018:

The investigation uncovered that Keuler and Frentzel damaged park slides and buildings at the Sun Prairie Aquatic Center, located at 920 Linnerud Dr. in September of 2018. The damage was estimated at over $15,000.

The investigation also uncovered that Keuler and Frentzel were responsible for significant damage done to the construction site for Full Mile Brewing Company located at 132 Market St. in the fall of 2018. The damage consisted of broken piping and walls within the business. The damage was estimated at $50,000.

Police say that on May 8 and May 15, the two men broke windows, tossed furniture out of structures from upper floors and caused $30,000 worth of vandalism at the Sun Prairie Fire Department’s training center.

Sun Prairie Fire Chief Christopher Garrison earlier called the criminal actions “methodical.”

Court records show investigators retrieved potential DNA evidence from three sources at the crime scenes, including from a discarded cigarette.

Affidavits also show people contacted police to identify the men after images from surveillance video at the training center were released by police.

Garrison says the two damaged, unoccupied homes on the property were used for weekly search and rescue drills by firefighters.

At the time, the fire department was still coping with the death of Captain Cory Barr, who was killed in July 2018 by a natural gas explosion after helping evacuate people from the city’s downtown.

Search warrant affidavits show police obtained surveillance video from a restaurant near the training center on the date of one of the vandalism incidents, but there’s no indication whether investigators believe alcohol was any factor in the crimes.

Court records state one person who became aware one of the suspects was identified through surveillance video “…told him to turn himself in to police.”

A judge approved the requested searches based on the suspicion the men committed the crimes of Damage To Property.


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