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Supermarket dance boy has the whole family dancing after brain surgery

ASHWAUBENON, Wis. (WBAY) — A little boy dancing through the aisles of Festival Foods supermarket in Green Bay hours before undergoing brain surgery is capturing hearts across the nation.

The 5-year-old from Ashwaubenon is teaching all of us not to care what others think and to follow your heart.

We showed you video if Kyu San Juan last week and it’s since gone viral. Kyu just came home from the hospital and he’s still dancing.

“It was late at night. We were all getting ready for bed, and he was getting ready for bed and told his grandpa, ‘Hey, Grandpa, I want to go dance,'” his mom, Rasami Moua, recalls.

Clearly, dancing is Kyu San Juan’s thing. It’s what makes him happy.

So just before midnight last Monday, the day before Kyu would undergo his second brain surgery at Children’s Hospital in Milwaukee, Kyu — and maybe more so his mom — needed a little stress relief.

“We went to Festival Foods,” Kyu remembers.

Grandpa, who was visiting from out of town, was surprised as they pulled up to a grocery store.

“He thought we were going to a club or some kind of dance party. I’m thinking, I can’t take a little kid, but I’m like, no, this is the dance floor,” Rasami says.

If it doesn’t make you smile — or motivate you to bust a move — we don’t know what will.

Rasami continues, “We went in there, and (Grandpa) was concerned people were thinking we were crazy. He’s talking about, ‘What if they look at the security footage and they think what are these crazy people doing here?’ And it was funny, but we went in, picked an aisle, and they just started dancing.”

Grandpa took Kyu’s lead, and off they went.

“I like dancing,” the 5-year-old says. “I have footwork.”

That fancy footwork — and Kyu’s gift of gab — may actually have saved his life.

“He came to me, stood in the doorway and he didn’t talk, but he had this strange look on his face and I knew something was wrong. I didn’t understand in that moment what was going on,” Rasami says.

“Why did I have that?” Kyu asks.

“Because the blood vessel, your AVM in your brain ruptured,” his mom explains.

That was November of 2017 when Kyu underwent his first brain surgery to remove the ruptured blood vessel.

“The AVM is close to his speech area, and that’s why we were concerned,” Rasami says.

Kyu asks, “Why?”

“And you see he’s a chatterbox,” his mom goes on, “so for him to not be talkative or not be responsive, it was not him.”

While doctors hoped that would be the only complication from his genetic condition, another scan this year revealed another problem and required another trip to the operating room.

“I’m trying to prepare him up for surgery, and he’s jumping around and running all over the place!” his mom says, “and I’m like, ‘You need to slow down. It might rupture now!'”

So Rasami tried the only cure she could think of: a dance party.

During his hospital stay, Kyu even received a special visit from Boomer — Festival Foods’ Turkey Trot mascot, who wanted some dance lessons from the dance king himself.

Today you’d never know Kyu had brain surgery less than a week ago.

“He’s just very carefree. Very carefree,” Rasami says.

And the whole family shared the young boy’s free spirit, dancing wherever and whenever they feel the beat.

“Here sometimes. Here, there and everywhere,” Kyu says.

(Credit: Rasami Moua Facebook video)

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