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Monona high-speed chase suspect free without bail restrictions

DANE COUNTY (WKOW) — Just over 24 hours after a harrowing chase involving two cars that began in Monona and ended in Fitchburg, one of the suspects is out of jail.

Police arrested Ana Brindley, 20 of Sun Prairie, and Martinique Walker, 19 of Madison, who face charges of knowingly fleeing an officer and resisting an officer respectively.

Brindley was released from jail Wednesday just minutes before she was to appear in Dane County court, where a magistrate would have considered bail and conditions of release for Brindley.

The incident began early Tuesday when Monona Police Officers were dispatched to Walmart for a report of two possible stolen vehicles in the underground parking lot.

The vehicles were described as a Black Ford SUV and a Blue Toyota smaller SUV. Monona police arrived on scene and attempted to stop the Black SUV as it was leaving the parking lot.

The driver of the SUV accelerated rapidly towards two uniformed officers almost striking one of them, according to a press release from the Monona Police Department.

Monona officers, along with the Dane County Sheriff’s Department, pursued the SUV.

Numerous area departments assisted with putting out spike strips in an attempt to safely end the pursuit and were eventually able to stop the SUV.

The suspects fled on foot and another vehicle came to the area to pick them up.  Monona Police say Brindley drove this second get-away car.

That’s when a second chase began and that vehicle was also stopped using spikes, and the occupants were taken into custody in a Fitchburg neighborhood, but only after eyewitness Dan Johnson tells 27 News Brindley resisted arrest by officers.

“Just based on the attitude and the posture of the person in that vehicle, they had no intentions of going quietly,” Johnson says.  “After repeated warnings, they did release a dog onto her,” Johnson tells 27 News.

Brindley’s release from jail without appearing in court was ordered by Dane County District Attorney Ismael Ozanne.  She’s now scheduled to appear in court July 18.

“Follow up was requested from law enforcement.  The court date was set to allow us to receive the follow up requested,”  Ozanne tells 27 News in a statement.

Brindley is on probation after a felony conviction for previously fleeing from police at more than one-hundred miles per hour in Dane County in September 2017.

Ozanne made no comment on Brindley’s release without consideration of new restrictions on her driving or movements.

Since her involvement in the 2017 high-speed chase, court records show Brindley has been arrested or cited by police at least five times.

Wisconsin Corrections officials have yet to comment on whether placing a hold on Brindley’s probation was considered.  Such a hold could have kept Brindley in jail until state officials were satisfied no probation rules were violated in her alleged role in Tuesday’s high-speed chase.

In August of last year, Brindley wrote to Dane County Judge Jill Karofsky, vowing to continue to make positive changes in her life.

“I am currently enrolled in schooling and counseling, which I am determined to complete successfully,”  Brindley wrote.

“I want nothing more than to be an active member of society.”

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