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Police say $1,000 in beer stolen from Sturgeon Bay raceway

STURGEON BAY (WBAY) — Police in Sturgeon Bay are investigation a break-in that’s left a lot of beer missing.

About $1,000 worth was taken from a cooler that was smashed in.

It happened at The Hill Raceway in the 800-block of North 14th Avenue. That’s also the location of the Door County Fairgrounds.

Raceway promoter Melanie Sargent says a few empty beer cartons is all that’s left after a bizarre theft that cleaned out The Hill Raceway’s supply of alcoholic beverages.

“Someone shattered the glass. We lost about $1,000 in product and about $1,500 to replace that cooler. So they got a pretty penny’s worth,” she said.

The theft occurred sometime between June 5 and June 21. It was discovered by the beverage supplier who went to restock the venue.

Sargent added, “We do all Budweiser products from the Flanagan Distributing, so a lot of Budweiser, some Bud Light, a few specialty items, some energy drinks. Good stuff.”

Since the road is under construction, a fence was pulled back at the time of the break-in.

Whoever walked in went around the corner and straight for the cooler, leaving behind concessions and expensive equipment, taking just the beer.

The police were called and they’ve posted on social media asking for tips.

“We found some cans upside down on the little bar area that’s normally not there. They did fingerprint the glass. They found a few prints. We don’t know if it will come back to anything. They took the can. We don’t know exactly what they used to break into it,” said Sargent.

As for the beer thief, Sargent had this to say, “You know, we would just appreciate it if you could just come forward and do the right thing. It is what it is. We’ll move forward from here, but let’s make it right and move on.”

Jennifer Kliese

Weekend Anchor and Reporter, 27 News

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