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Poynette winery loses nearly half of crop

POYNETTE (WKOW) — The effects of spring flooding and cold weather are still being felt even as summer kicks off.

Wineries in southern Wisconsin have lost part of their crop.

Rock N Wool Winery in Poynette prides itself in growing Wisconsin grapes, hearty enough to survive our harsh winters.

But this year it was the Spring that was the issue.

“These are some of the first vines I ever planted,” Shaun Lapacek said pointing to dead vines.

He has owned the winery for around a decade.

He says growing wine grapes is a labor of love.

“Every year you take care of them and you train them properly,” he said. “The first five years you make no money off them you just pour money into it, it’s like having children.”

He would know, with two daughters of his own.

The weather this spring took its toll on his vines.

“They drowned, and we’re dealing with it now,” Lapacek said. “But we have vines that are nearly 9 ten years old we’re cutting trunks now.”

Nearly half of his vines are going to have to start over.

Some will need to be torn out of the ground completely.

But he says it’s not all bad news.

“A lot of the vineyards we’ve talked to, have vines and grapes and they’re going to help us,” Lapacek said. “All of us are in this together and we all learned that from Philippe from Wollersheim and I will appreciate him every day because he makes you realize you’re never alone.”

But even with the hardships at the vineyard, he’s still trying to help some causes.

Sunday, his vineyard will host a family day benefiting research into Rett Syndrome.

It’s a disease that mostly appears in girls 2 years or older.

“I want people to come here with their family and realize how lucky and special and blessed they are to have those moments,” Lapacek said. “If people want to donate, please donate.”

The event will be from 10 am to 2 pm with free food and entertainment, along with a chair auction at the end.

They’ll only be charging for wine and beer, with all proceeds going to Rett syndrome charity

Sara Price

Weekend Assignment Editor

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