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Will of Columbus sets sights on worlds competition

At 13-years-old, Brookelynn Will from Columbus is as straight as an arrow. Her accuracy has landed her in the National Archery in the Schools Program Open (NASP) Championship in Nashville, Tennessee next month.

The soon to be ninth grader started archery shooting as a fifth grader and has since mastered the craft. Will competes in both bullseye and three dimensional shooting. She has succeed in both. Will scored 284 out of 300 in the IBO 3D Challenge, where shooters must hit three-dimensional targets shaped like animals. She will not compete with some of the best shooters in the country.

“I’m not really nervous or scared at all because I think nobody else is going to it,” said Will. “I think it will just be the experience, and I’ll be so relaxed it will be just for fun.”

Will started 3D shooting a year ago, after one of her coaches made the suggestion.

“I said of course you can do it. You shoot bullseye really well, it’s the same thing,” said Malissa Leonard, an archery coach with the Columbus archery team. “It’s a different animal, a different something for your brain to think about.”

Will scored 289 out of 300 in a 3D shoot at the Warrior On Target For Life tournament in Portage in March. That score is her career high. Will scored a 284 at the Eastern National in Louisville, KY in May. That gave her a national ranking of 20 out 958 in the Girls Middle School Division.

For more information on the on the National Archery in the Schools Program, click here.


Alec Ausmus

Sports reporter

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