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Madison falls out of top 10 safe driving cities

MADISON (WKOW) — A new report is showing Madison roads are safe, but not as safe as they’ve been the past eight years.

For the first time since 2011, Madison did not make the top 10 on the Allstate’s Best Drivers Report.  The city fell to number 11.  In 2018, it was ranked number five.

Monica Titley, an exclusive agent with Allstate, said it’s typical for cities to fluctuate on the list, and it’s hard to pinpoint one factor that made Madison drop.

“It can be distracted driving, drinking and driving, those factors all go into what we call safe driving,” said Titley.  “We’re really trying with this report to illuminate and start the discussion that we need to have better safe drivers out here.”

Titley added of the 37,000 people who died in car accidents last year across the country, 94% of those crashes were said to be preventable.  They were caused by unsafe driving.

“I think we’re in this society where we always want to multi-task; we need to be doing other things.  Not behind the wheel,” she said.  “We have these huge, massive vehicles that are driving, and we can cause some major damage, and the statistics show that people are dying at our hands, and we need to make a priority of actually driving.”

According to the report, Madison is still above the national average for years between collisions.  The average is 10.6; Madison is 12.2.

Titley also noted Madison ranks high for a city that has winters.  Many other cities in the top 15 are in the south.

Based on population, Milwaukee was the only other city ranked.  It was number 61.

The top 15 cities in the report are as follows:

  1. Brownsville, Texas
  2. Boise, Idaho
  3. Huntsville, Alabama
  4. Kansas City, Kansas
  5. Laredo, Texas
  6. Olathe, Kansas
  7. Fort Collins, Colorado
  8. Overland Park, Kansas
  9. McAllen, Texas
  10. Cape Coral, Florida
  11. Madison, Wisconsin
  12. Cary, North Carolina
  13. Colorado Springs, Colorado
  14. Port St. Lucie, Florida
  15. Scottsdale, Arizona



Caroline Bach

Anchor, 27 News at 11

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