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Madison Water Utility files for eight percent rate increase

MADISON (WKOW) — The Madison Water Utility (MWU) filed an application with the state Public Service Commission (PSC) to increase water rates.

The announcement of the potential rate increase came Monday morning in a press release from MWU.

The utility estimated the rate increase, if approved, would amount to $2.20 per month for “the typical residential customer.” This represents an eight percent increase.

“Madison Water Utility charges represent about a third of all the charges and fees on the Madison Municipal Services bill, which also includes sewer, urban forestry, landfill and stormwater,” MWU said. “The utility’s application will only affect the water portion of the bill.”

The current average monthly residential water charge, according to MWU, is $27.73 based on 4,267 gallons.

The ultimate decision to allow the rate to increase, and how much it could be raised is up to the PSC, according to MNU. Any approved change is estimated to go into effect sometime next year.



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