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Neighbors help rescue man stuck in flash flooding in Reedsburg

REEDSBURG (WKOW) — A day after neighbors helped rescue a man from flash flooding in a culvert they say he’s now home and recovering.

Ryan Ewing says he heard screams for help just after 5:30 Wednesday evening as a strong storm dropped several inches of rain in the area in just a short amount of time. The culvert near his home quickly filled.

“I knew that the few of us that did have a hold of him weren’t going to last that long,” Ryan Ewing, one of the people helping, said. “By the time that firefighters got there we were all so worn out. None of us were strong enough at that point to pull him out, we were just able to hold him.”

Ewing says they had to wait, holding on to him, before firefighters arrived with the proper tools to pull him out and take him to the hospital.

He said before, it was not an extremely tight knit neighborhood, but this changed things.

“We know each other but we’re not that close but when you see somebody in need you have no other choice but to help them and everybody saw that,” Ewing said. “Everybody knew what they had to do to get him out.”

Ewing checked on his neighbor Thursday and says he’s home, bruised and sore, but recovering well.

Francisco Almenara

Reporter, WKOW

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