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Wet, stormy conditions delay farmers planting season

MADISON (WKOW) — After a wet spring, Wisconsin farmers say summer rain is pushing back their timeline to harvest corn and other crops on time. While all crops need water Mitch Breunig’s crops are suffering.

“I started raining and our planting season, which normally would be probably a two to three-week experience ended up being almost 60 days,” he said.

Breunig is the owner of Mystic Valley Dairy but also plants corn, alfalfa, and soybeans. He now checks his weather app nearly as much as his field. He said it’s the uncertainty that makes him worry the most.

“Am I going to have something to harvest this fall? Once it’s planted is it going to grow?”

The USDA National Agricultural Statistics Service reports practically all crops were behind for planting and growing and adding more rain is hurting farmers’ profits.

“We sold some corn earlier in the season at a lower price and as the price has gone up, we look for opportunities to take advantage of those prices, when they present themselves,” said Breunig.

He’s hopeful a hot humid summer will return after the rain to avoid more problems down the road.

“If we have a short growing season and we get an early frost and it kills that corn before it’s ready to be harvested it will make the harvesting season more expensive and we’ll have to spend more money to dry the corn.”

Emilee Fannon

Capital Bureau Chief

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