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Brighten and smooth your skin with a dermaplane facial

Chances are you’ve heard all the buzz about a dermaplane, but may not be too certain about how the procedure works. Katie Thorsen, an aesthetician at Radiance Skin Therapy and Laser Center, explained the dermaplane and even did a brief demonstration.

Thorsen says the dermaplane instantly smooths and softens your skin. She used a small razor tool to scrape off the top layer of dead skin and peach fuzz, leaving the face brighter and smoother than before.

The treatment only takes 15 to 20 minutes and has no downtime to follow. Thorsen said the dermaplane compliments the hydrafacial, a chemical peel, and a microabrasion very well as a secondary treatment.

One concern some may have is that the dermaplane will make the peach fuzz on the face grow back thicker or darker, but Thorsen said that’s not the case.

“It doesn’t change the way your hair grows at all,” she said.

The main benefits of a dermaplane include texture improvements to the skin and exfoliation. To learn more about Radiance Skin Therapy and Laser Center and the treatments they offer, click here.

Samantha Bowers

Host, Midday Madison

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