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Salvation Army coming up on 130th year in Dane County

As 2020 approaches, the Salvation Army is gearing up to celebrate their 130th year of serving in Dane County. Kaitlyn Novotny, special events and marketing director joined us to talk about what the organization is doing in the community right now as well as plans for growth in the future.

Novotny said most people don’t realize the Salvation Army sees a spike in the number of people they serve during the spring and summer. She said during the 130th anniversary celebration, the organization will be talking about their plans for the future.

“[We’re] proposing new purpose built site, and this will be for social services and permanent apartments,” Novotny said. “This is a huge undertaking, but during this process, we’re talking with the neighborhoods and local leadership. We’re taking their insight and concerns and using that feedback to craft our plans to better serve this community.”

To learn more about how to get involved with the Salvation Army, click here.

Samantha Bowers

Host, Midday Madison

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