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Former Badgers help GLO to a shining start

OSHKOSH (WKOW) — The Wisconsin GLO are glowing in their first season. They are off to a 10-0 start. The team is fueled by a pair of Badgers. Taylor Wurtz is the team’s leading scorer. The team’s third-leading scorer is the Badgers’ all-time leading scorer, Jolene Anderson.

“I got the nickname the Grandma,” Anderson says with a laugh. “You know, my experience and stuff, they (teammates) probably watched me in college.”

Anderson’s teammates may make fun of the fact she is 32 years old. However, she has often had the last laugh on the court. She is averaging more than 14 points and five rebounds per game. She says the new team is offering a great platform for many of the players.

“We have 12, 13 individuals from the state of Wisconsin, who haven’t had an opportunity or haven’t made it in the WNBA, unfortunately, maybe overseas on bigger teams. So, to come back and showcase our talents and our level, I think, it means a lot.”

The Badgers Athletics Hall of Famer is about to enter her 12th season overseas. She is currently between seasons playing in Italy. Anderson said joining the GLO was a way to stay in shape over the summer, but also to be around her family.

“My mom was battling ALS. Unfortunately, she passed away three months ago. So, I just wanted to stay home with her. But then I figured it gave her an opportunity to come down and see me. Unfortunately, it didn’t happen.”

Instead, the guard’s dad and two sisters cheer her on at every game. She also has her mom on her mind every time she steps on the court.

“My mom played college basketballl at UW-Stout. So, you know she’s always kind of my backbone. You know, she understood the game. So, she was somebody I always looked up to and followed in her footsteps.”

The GLO will play their final home game of the regular season Saturday night.


Amy Gill

Sports Anchor/Reporter, 27 News.

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