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Man accused of shooting & killing officer set to testify Friday

MILWAUKEE (WISN) —A man accused of fatally shooting a Milwaukee police officer abruptly will testify in his own defense.

Jordan Fricke, 27, is charged with fatally shooting Matthew Rittner on Feb. 6 as the officer was helping serve a search warrant at a Milwaukee duplex.

Prosecutors said Fricke intentionally fired at police during a raid.

But Fricke’s attorneys said he acted in self defense, believing he was being robbed.

The jury hearing the case saw several angles of body camera video from the shooting on Thursday.

During testimony, a detective described hearing gunshots and seeing debris fly out the house.

The defense questioned what the detective heard and saw and prosecutors took exception to that.

“They made entry, continuing to yell, ‘Police, search warrant,’ (I) heard two loud gunshots, two came through the back wall,” Detective Thomas Obregon said.

Defense attorney Michael Chernin contested, saying the testimony was misleading to the jury.

“It is absolutely improper. I want a mistrial,” he told the court.

The judge immediately denied the motion.

Another officer testified that Fricke seemed remorseful after his arrest.

“He said something to the effect of, ‘I shot a cop,'” Obregon testified.

“He started banging his head — I don’t know if it was on the bars or Plexiglas. He was repeatedly saying, ‘I didn’t know you were the police,'” Officer Kim Lastrilla told the jury.

Prosecutors said Fricke was buying and selling guns to people who weren’t legally allowed to have them.

Police said Fricke also sold marijuana to a confidential informant.

According to court records, a felon involved in a shooting told police he’d gotten his gun from Fricke.

The alleged straw purchases and drug deal led officers to raid Fricke’s home.

Jurors learned investigators didn’t find drugs in Fricke’s home, but did find seven guns.

A detective admitted Fricke is a concealed carry permit holder and all of his guns were legal.

Prosecutors rested their case Thursday afternoon.

After Fricke testifies, prosecutors and the defense will deliver their closing arguments.

The jury will then start deliberations.

If convicted, Fricke faces up to life in prison.


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