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The concepts behind Pilates

Concentration, control, balance, centering, precision, flow, and breath are the principles of Pilates. Elizabeth Thorne, owner of Touch of Pilates, said there’s much more behind the movement of Pilates than most people think.

“A lot of people think Pilates is just a bunch of exercise and movements,” Thorne said. “When actually, it’s the concepts that create the benefits of Pilates.”

Touch of Pilates is a studio with locations in Fitchburg and Janesville. Thorne says they see clients of all different ages and backgrounds.

“Anybody can benefit from it. We have people from athletes, to autistic kids to people with Parkinson’s,” Thorne said. “Basically, people think that they have to fit into an exercise, but Pilates actually is designed to fit into where your physical level is.”

To learn more about Touch of Pilates and see a schedule of classes, click here.

Samantha Bowers

Host, Midday Madison

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