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Trump urges Congress to pass trade deal

MILWAUKEE (WKOW) — President Trump visited Milwaukee touting the economy and asking Congress to pass the United State Mexico-Canada trade agreement.

It was the presidents’ sixth visit to Wisconsin where he stopped by Derco Aerospace which provides parts, logistics, and repair services to airplanes.

After a tour of their facilities, he rallied supporters during a campaign speech as he fuels up his reelection campaign. 

He asked Congress to “stop wasting time” and called for USMCA to land on his desk immediately. Calling the deal the “most modern cutting edge trade agreement in history.”

Trump also blamed poor trade deals on past leadership.

“For years lawmakers and labor unions urged past administrations to secure these types of trade provisions they did absolutely nothing, they did nothing, but lose jobs, we were laughed at by the rest of the world,” said Trump.

He said he’s concerned the more time that passes the more “political the deal will get” as the 2020 election nears.

The passage of the deal is up in the air as House Democrats say the deal is being rushed.

Emilee Fannon

Capital Bureau Chief

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