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Having a conversation with your teen about e-cigarettes

According to the American Heart Association, the use of e-cigarettes increased by 78% for high school students and 48% for middle school students in the year 2018. Dr. J. Carter Ralphe, chief of pediatric cardiology at UW Health and volunteer with the American Heart Association, joined us in the studio to talk about the dangers associated with e-cigarettes.

Ralphe said the use of e-cigarettes has skyrocketed to “probably over 20% in our high school population.”

“I think it’s about educating kids and families and parents about the risks associated with e-cigarettes or vaping, or juuling,” he said. “It’s highly risky, highly addictive, and contains all kinds of things you just do not want to have in your lungs.”

Ralphe recommends having a conversation with your child about the risks associated with this increasingly popular, but dangerous habit.

“Having a conversation with your kids about JUULing, and the risks associated with how addictive it is, how it affects brain development, how it affects behavior, how it affects risk for things like cancer is really important,” he said. “That’s where I would start, and then just watch your kids and see kind of what they’re doing with their free time.”

To learn more about the risks associated with e-cigarettes or the American Heart Association, visit

Samantha Bowers

Host, Midday Madison

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