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Sauk County committee approves permit for controversial dog breeding facility

(Caution, strong language in the video above)

SAUK COUNTY (WKOW) — After more than three hours of debate and public comment, a Sauk County committee approved a conditional use permit for a controversial facility that breeds dogs for medical research.

The motion passed by a unanimous vote of the Land Resources and Environment Committee.

Several people opposed to the facility yelled at board members as they voted.

“You ought to be ashamed,” one woman shouted as she stormed out of the meeting room.

Residents Jill and Clinton Kane sought approval for their plan for a dog kennel they hope to bring to the area. The dogs will be used for medical research, according to the Kanes.

On Tuesday a vote approved a conditional use permit for a larger facility in the town of Spring Green where the dogs will be raised after being weened from their mothers.

In order to operate Jill and Clinton Kane must follow guidelines from Land Resources & Environmental Committee standards. Some including, not allowing any dogs outside, installing surveillance on site and proper disposal of animal waste.

“My medical training and his (Clinton) environmental training we make a good team to do this,” said Jill Kane. “I understand the concerns and encourage people to get educated on the topic.”

Those who live near the facility spoke out against their concerns over potential odor and groundwater contamination from the building. The Kanes’ are allowed to house up to 135 dogs.

“Do you want to be known as the county that approved a puppy mill or do you want to be known as the community that took a stand and said no,” said Leah Schulter, Spring Green resident.

The permit was first approved in June, but in a meeting July 11 to revisit that approval, the Spring Green Town Board voted 2-1 to rescind their recommendation.

A business permit for the Kanes to use their home in the Village of Spring Green to breed the dogs was denied earlier this month by the Spring Green Plan Commission.

Board chair Kevin Lins told 27 News in early July, that ultimately it’s up to Sauk County to make the decision about the permit, but because of an ordinance, the facility must be approved, no matter what their decision.

“Even if the majority would rescind the recommendation for the conditional use permit, at the county level, they’re going to be advised by staff and the legal corporation counsel about what they’re required to do according to the law,” Lins said.

Watch the full hearing below.


Jessica Porter

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