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The wheels are rolling for Bike Polo in Madison

Bike polo debuted in 1908 at the London Olympics, over 100 years later it’s gathered momentum in Madison, and don’t expect any back pedaling any time soon.

“Similar to Polo with horses but we have bikes instead. The goal is to ultimately get the ball into the net,” said Brandon Andrews. He’s played bike polo for four years and is a board member for the Madison chapter.

The group has their own court on East Mifflin street in Madison. Bike polo could be compared to hockey on bikes.

“You know you have like three people get like three good passes all the way down, into a goal which is great,” said Jonathan Jenkins, a fourth year player.

Bike polo even has new comers. One of them in Madison is Suzi Biehl from Racine, WI. She picked up the sport last month, and continues to play.

“I was hooked immediately,” said Biehl. “I don’t know how to describe it, once I started playing, it just felt right.”

A local league that is headed to the national level. The Madison team has several players headed to Seattle this week for Nationals.

“It’s still a tight knit community when it comes down to it,” said Jenkins. “Everybody really likes it that much where they are going to travel and spend the money to go to these tournaments and what not and compete.”

For more information on Madison Bike Polo, visit their website here.

Alec Ausmus

Sports reporter

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