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Husband, wife hit the ground as shots ring out from nearby shooting

UPDATE (WKOW) — Imagine hearing gun shots as you’re out walking your dog.

That’s what happened to a couple Sunday night near Warner park.

They were nearly caught in the crossfire of a nearby shooting.

“It kinda shook me up, I mean you’re hitting it close to home now,” Ronald Kelley, who lives in the condominiums where this happened, said.

Kelley was watching a movie in his home Sunday night.

Shortly before 10 he heard multiple “pops” that he thought were firecrackers at first.

Police say two cars pulled into the complex parking lot, when someone in one car started shooting at the other car.

In all 18 shots were fired, some hitting nearby homes.

Next to the cars, walking their dog, were Kelley’s son and his wife.

“My son threw my daughter-in-law on the ground and fell on top of her cause he was afraid they were going to get hit,” Kelley said.

Kelly’s son dove for cover to protect his wife from the oncoming bullets, 20 to 25 feet from where they were being fired.

Still Monday, the emotions are strong.

“Well, my son is really mad, I mean he is angry,” Kelley said. “I don’t know if he’s angry at the situation or angry at the person or both.”

Since last Thursday, there have been three shots fired cases on the north side of town.

But Madison police say, so far this year, there have been 30 percent fewer shots fired calls across the entire city, compared to last year.

“That doesn’t help the people walking their dogs, that doesn’t help the people who were sleeping inside homes this weekend that were hit,” Joel DeSpain, the police department spokesperson, said. “The numbers are down but we’re still seeing way too many guns being fired.”

DeSpain said they arrested many of the people responsible for the shots fired last year, but they’re hitting roadblocks.

“Quite frequently those who are being shot at, sometimes they’ve been wounded, they know who is shooting at them but a lot of time people are looking for street justice,” he said.

Kelley just hopes something gets done before more innocent people find themselves in the middle of gunfire.

“My son and daughter in law could have been victims of circumstance,” he said. “Knock on wood they weren’t but they could have been.”

MADISON (WKOW) — A husband grabbed his wife and tackled her to the ground Sunday evening as shots rang out in the East Bluff neighborhood.

The couple was out walking their dogs about 9:40 p.m. Aug. 11 when a dark-colored sedan rolled up and came to a stop.

At least one person inside the car began firing multiple rounds at a silver car that had also just pulled into the area, according to a Madison police incident report.

The husband told his wife to get down and ended up tackling her to the ground.

An 18-year-old Madison man was inside the silver car, which was hit multiple times by bullets, according to police. The 18-year-old was not wounded.

Officers later recovered 18 shell casings from the street. A resident of a nearby townhouse called police after finding a bullet had penetrated her home.

Officers discovered three bullets had also struck a second townhouse.

There were no reported injuries.

Detectives believe the man in the silver car was specifically targeted, but have yet to determine why.


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