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Summer slips away Wednesday, active pattern to persist

MADISON (WKOW) — Our coolest day in eight weeks is only a day away. We’ll just have to get through one more batch of rain first.

A wave of low pressure riding along a lazy cold front will generate another batch of showers and t-showers by late evening (around midnight), and continue into the wee hours of the morning. We’re not expecting anything strong, but don’t be shocked if you’re awakened by rumbles or lightning flashes. A few light showers might linger into Wednesday morning.

Rain to re-emerge late tonight, moving from NW to SE

As the “Low” and cold front slip to the south, a cool air mass will be left behind. Highs will only manage the low 70s, about eight degrees below average for mid-August. While not unusually cool, Wednesday will serve as the coolest day in about two months, a reminder that fall is lurking!

After a rain-free Thursday, our active weather pattern will resume on Friday. You can uncover more rain chances here!

Branden Borremans

27 Storm Track Meteorologist

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