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Join the Badger Bus team

Badger Bus is celebrating 100 years in Wisconsin! John Meier, co-owner, joined us to talk about the opportunities within the company.

Meier said there are a few reasons he believes Badger Bus has been so successful.

“It’s definitely the people. It’s the people, it’s the culture, it’s the work-life environment, it’s taking care of kids,” he said. “I mean, what a wonderful job to be able to do that and help these kids grow up and be be successful.”

Meier said Badger Bus offers a “drive/work from home” option.

“You hear it’s all the rage right now in a job,” Meier said. “Everybody wants that balance. Our jobs are very flexible; they’re part time or full time, you can pick your hours, you can work in the mornings, you can work in the afternoons or you can work all the time, it’s really up to you.”

To learn more about Badger Bus, click here.


Samantha Bowers

Host, Midday Madison

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