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Former NASCAR champion Matt Kenseth returns to MIS

Professional race car driver Matt Kenseth is no stranger to the Madison International Speedway. The former NASCAR champion returned to his roots Friday night for the Howie Lettow 100.

The Cambridge native used to race weekly at MIS from 1993 to 1995 on his climb to NASCAR. Kenseth was the MIS track champion in 1994, and runner up in 1993 and 1995.

“I’ve had a lot of fun races here. We won nationals here,” said Kenseth to reporters before the race Friday night. “I watched a lot of races here and obviously ran a lot of races here too.”

Now at 47-years-old, Kenseth’s last race at MIS came in 2014, when he won the Howie Lettow 100.

“There’s one time where you are the new guy, then the middle guy, then all of a sudden you are the old guy and the veteran that has been there for a while,” said Kenseth. “I don’t know if that really changes my feelings as far as when you get into a race car and you do all of the things to try to get your car to go as fast as it can.”

Kenseth won the Slinger Nationals last month in Slinger, WI. Kenseth told 27 Sports that Friday night at MIS might be his final race in Wisconsin this summer.

For more information on the Madison International Speedway, click here.

Alec Ausmus

Sports reporter

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