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Lavender is big business in Wisconsin

(WKOW) –Situated on 17 acres of land in the Baraboo bluffs is Devil’s Lake Lavender Farm. A boutique farm with over 15,000 lavender plants.

Rebecca Powell works at the farm. Established in 2014, she said it’s a passion project for her kids.

“Lavender is not native to Wisconsin, but it’s beautiful, and it fits in the surrounding,” Powell said.

Powell is also leaving a legacy for the environment. The Farm is a paradise for honeybees and monarchs, populations that are quickly becoming endangered.

“We have a butterfly migration station and if you much about butterflies, Monarch’s in particular, their habitat is being destroyed right now from North America to Mexico and then back,” she said.

“We’re trying to teach people to create that pathway, which used to be along cornfields all across the Midwest, and all the way down to the south.”

It’s peak time to see lavender in full bloom, and lavender’s popularity is driving growth in the business which is generating tourist traffic. In fact, 90 percent of its visitors live outside of Wisconsin and make the trek to take in the beauty and scent of the farm.

“We love to teach people how to plant lavender. It’s a great border plant, deer don’t like it, mice don’t like it, rabbits don’t like it. So, if you learn to grow lavender in Wisconsin, which isn’t always easy, it’s a wonderful product to add to your garden.”

Aside from teaching you how to plant your own lavender, the farm also holds classes where you can try different types of yoga, get a lavender massage, or simply bask in the serene setting. The farm also started growing Hemp and has created a lavender infused CBD oil.

“Peak lavender season here is a little bit different, we cut it back during the early parts of spring so they’ll bloom all summer long. So, we get start to get a big bloom in mid-June and that carries all the way through to the end of September.”


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