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Local golfers play all day raising money for First Tee program

Alex Weiss of Middleton is no stranger to being on a golf course in the summer. He’s even willing to play from sunrise to sunset. He did just that on Monday at Bishops Bay Country Club helping raise money for the Wisconsin First Tee program.

Each summer, Weiss pushes his limit of the number of holes he’ll play in one day. At nine years old he played 54 holes, 72 at 10-years-old, 92 at 11-years-old, 108 holes last summer and this summer 126 was his goal.

“We are going to try to do six thousand dollars which I think we’ve past that already. So we’ve really been doing well,” said Weiss in reference to raising money for the First Tee of South Central Wisconsin’s Learning Centers.

This summer Weiss isn’t playing the marathon round by himself. He asked three of his friends, Al Deang, Michael Yesbeck and Brett Wieland to join him for a combine 400 total holes.

“We’re definitely going to get past that, we’ve already done 240,” said Wieland during the afternoon.

The boys started around 5:30 in the morning. Weiss’ mother Nicole told 27 Sports the boys surpassed their goal of 400 and finished with roughly 550 total holes played.

For more information on the First Tee program, click here.

Alec Ausmus

Sports reporter

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