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UPDATE: Equipment failure leads to 6 water main breaks in Darlington

UPDATE (WKOW) — Utility crews are still working in Darlington trying to clean up a series of water main breaks that disrupted water service in parts of the city.

6 water main breaks all over the city of Darlington.

For dozens of people, throughout much of Monday, opening the faucets did nothing.

It all started because of an equipment failure at one of the two wells in town on Sunday.

“We started up the booster station to move water from [the North] side of town to the South side of town,” Jeremy Williams, the Darlington Public Works Director, said. “In doing so there was a check valve in the booster station that stuck open that allowed water to escape down into this part of town and it caused a pressure surge.”

As of 6:30 p.m. crews had fixed two of the six breaks and were working on another two.

But many were dealing with the difficulties.

“Usually if you run the water for 10-15 minutes it’ll clear up but it didn’t,” Brittany Kisamore, who works at legends Pub and Grill, said.

While they have water, it isn’t coming out clear.

They have filters so they can serve water, but Kisamore says it could have been much worse.

“If we didn’t have water either, we’d be closed,” she said. “It’s my bosses livelihood, as well as my own.”

Aron Hogan just moved into his house on Ann Street a few weeks ago.

“I was really confused, I’m not used to this kind of stuff, it’s never happened to me before,” he said.

He didn’t have water at his home, but says it hasn’t bothered him much.

The only complaint is that he has to gallon jugs to flush his toilet.

He’s more shocked by the damage the break caused.

“It’s a little bit crazy cause you go and see where they burst and it’s like it’s erupted through the pavement and everything,” Hogan said. “It’s just kinda amazing.”

According to the Williams, each break takes 2-3 hours to fix.

He doesn’t expect it will have any lasting damage to the system, and said it had nothing to do with the age of the system.

UPDATED (WKOW) — The Darlington Public Works Director says an equipment failure led to six water main ruptures Monday.

Jeremy Williams tells 27 News there was an equipment failure at one of two wells in town. In order to make up for loss of water at one well, they started pumping water from the other well. But Williams says a valve was open at the second well and that caused a “hammering effect.” Williams says there was a pressure wave that busted six water mains.

The DPW is not sure how many people are affected by the loss of water, but it is contained to areas around the actual water main breaks.


DARLINGTON (WKOW) — Multiple water main breaks in Darlington have cut off service in the city, according to an alert from the Darlington Police Department.

Crews currently are near Ann and Ohio streets working on the second water main break in the area.

Workers say there could possible be six that ruptured in the Lafayette County community Monday morning, police said. Officials have not yet identified a cause.

“Utility crews working to fix the problem,” the alert said. “Drive slow in construction zones.”

The alert went on to say tap water may be discolored while crews are working on the pipes, but the color would dissipate.

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