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$10,000 bond ordered for man accused of crashing into Beaver Dam Middle School

Video courtesy A vehicle burst into flames Aug. 21, 2019 after crashing into Beaver Dam Middle School. Full video HERE.

JUNEAU (WKOW) — A judge Thursday ordered a $10,000 cash bond for a man accused of crashing into the Beaver Dam Middle School following a police chase late Wednesday night.

Roy Cortez, 22, of Beaver Dam, appeared in Dodge County Circuit Court in Juneau via video from the Dodge County jail.

He faces a felony charge of fleeing an officer and causing property damage.  Prosecutors say Cortez may later face other charges, including possibly operating while intoxicated.

A criminal complaint states Cortez broke the window of a Beaver Dam apartment Wednesday night after being locked out of the unit by an acquaintance in a domestic dispute.

The complaint says police spotted Cortez driving in the neighborhood of the Middle School and began pursuing him, with Cortez refusing to stop.

Assistant Dodge County District Attorney Jim Sempf says Cortez was driving his car as fast as ninety miles an hour when he slammed into a school building wall.

Sempf says the collision created a crater in the school building thirty feet wide and seven feet high.

Beaver Dam Schools Superintendent Mark DiStefano says the damage estimate is more than $100,000.

Repair work to the school building continues.  School officials are assessing what changes to instruction and activity space may have to occur when students begin classes Sept. 3.

Court records show Cortez received a traffic citation after being involved in an injury accident in the Town of Theresa nine months ago.

Cortez appeared for his court hearing Friday with one of his arms in a sling, but authorities say that injury is apparently the only significant one he suffered in the crash into the school building.


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