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Capital City Sunday: Economy uncertainty, barricade devices in schools & WI Policy Forum

MADISON (WKOW) — As speculation looms if the U.S. could face another recession, economists warn the federal budget deficit is heading towards an “unsustainable” course.

Edgewood College Economic’s Professor Belkis Cerrato Caceres discusses the trends in the economy comparing to 2008’s Great Recession and how there’s still a lot of uncertainty on what happens next year.

Plus, firefighters are urging lawmakers to oppose a bill that would allow school districts to install barricade devices under classroom doors. Lt. John Magnus, Racine Fire Department and Bill Sullivan, Madison Fire Department tells us why they believe the proposal is “problematic.”

And, life expectancy in Wisconsin has dropped for the second year in a row as a new study shows it’s fueled by increased deaths from alcohol abuse and opioids. We breakdown the report with Mark Sommerhauser with Wisconsin Policy Forum.


Emilee Fannon

Capital Bureau Chief

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