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BACK TO SCHOOL: Officials warn drivers to be cautious in school zones

MAZOMAINE (WKOW) — Since it’s back to school season drivers will see more buses and students on the road during rush hour. That means drivers may have to change their usual routes.

In the weeks before school, bus drivers are out practicing their routes.

Officials said drivers should always be alert when driving through school zones since kids aren’t always paying attention.

“Kids don’t necessarily cross at crosswalks like they’re supposed to,” Kari Kahl, terminal manager at Riteway in Mazomanie said.

“They’re looking at their cell phones or kids are riding their bikes so you just really need to pay attention when you’re going through the school zones.”

When yellow light flashes on a school bus, drivers are expected to slow down.

According to Wisconsin DOT, all lanes of traffic must stop for a school bus that’s displaying its flashing red warning lights at least 20 feet away from the bus. The exception is cars driving on the opposite side of a divided highway. However, the law does still apply if there’s no barrier on a multi-lane street or highway.

Drivers can be fined up to $300 for failing to stop.


Jessica Porter

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